Choose Your Own Vicenza Adventure: Featuring the McNeil Family

You are Justin McNeil, mostly mild-mannered high school English teacher. Born, raised, and returned to Tacoma, you feel comfortable in your professional and home life. You are married to Nicole, your dear wife since 2005. And you are father to two precious young boys, Kirby and Frankie.

You have always felt a calling to the service, but it wasn’t until after teaching for a little over a year, that you really started feeling the pull of the Holy Spirit to join the Army. You thought maybe it was a calling to the fire or police force, but it became clear that you were bound for the military. By the time you’d spent hours praying alone, you’d narrowed it down to the Army. You agreed upon it with Nicole, joined the Army, and then left for training on July 19th.

That November, Nicole was able to go to your graduation (with the boys, your mom, your grandma, and your sister) almost entirely on donations from the young men in your group. They’d found out you couldn’t justify spending the money when you’d be flying home for Christmas anyway, so in one day they rallied up over $1500 to fly out your family.

Then you did come home for 2 weeks at Christmas, and that was just long enough for it to feel perfect again. But then you went back and waited for over 2 months for them to station you somewhere. You were all certain that you’d be assigned to the base just 20 minutes from your house. Then on March 7th you found out that you’d be going to Italy instead…on May 15th!!

Now the adventure starts. Your family has to get ready to leave, you have to come out for one last goodbye, and then you all have to move nearly halfway across the world. But what wacky turns await you? Find out when you choose your own Vicenza Adventure! Go to the Index and begin reading at Chapter 1.

One Response to “Choose Your Own Vicenza Adventure: Featuring the McNeil Family”

  1. Sonja January 14, 2012 at 7:12 pm #

    Thanks for sharing! Looks like a fun place.

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