Getting the Family Their Passports

3 Jul

When you first find out about your big move, Nicole goes to Fort Lewis to get the family’s passports. But first she has to go to the civilian doctor for Frankie. Then to the base to make the appointments, which should be able to be made over the phone. Then back to the base for the Army doctor appointment. Then back again to hustle the passport appointment because even though it was made for over a month after the initial visit, apparently it could have been done the same day. Then back again for the actual passport appointment. And again to pick up just two passports. Then finally to pick up the last passport. But now really finally to make the flight arrangements now that your orders have been amended to state that your family did not accompany you to your soldier-exclusive training. Then Nicole mails the passports down to the Italian consulate in San Francisco, which mails them back a week later because the base didn’t give her the proper cover letter. So she goes to the base for the last time to get the proper letter.  (But not quite the last time since she leaves her wallet there that time, although when she returns for the really truly last time the wallet is there waiting for her with all its contents…hurrah!)

Now your family has a week and a half to send the passports away for visas and hope they return in time for their June 3rd flight. Or Nicole can drive to the honorary consulate in Bothell to get the visas right away. What do you do? Go to Flying to Venice with a Stop in Amsterdam if you choose to have Nicole drive just an hour and get it done immediately. Forget the other option – it’s not even an option anymore. She is really sick of waiting.

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