Preparing the House for Sale

3 Jul

You may be a fairly tidy man, but your wife is a bit of a clutterbug. And your boys are the kings of Spilling Anything & Everything. So when your house has to be photo-ready within 2 weeks for real estate marketing photos, Nicole must enlist the help of nearly everyone she knows. Each day another friend or family member or church member or even stranger comes over to help her sort, pack, tidy, and clean. She has a big garage sale and gets rid of a lot of clutter and unnecessary items. She learns to save memories, not mementos. She prays this decluttering of her home will be a new dawning in her life – a time of cleanliness and hope. The photographer comes and takes lovely photos, and the house goes up for sale. But the price is not right for a perfect house that has only one bathroom. The home buyers of Tacoma insist on multiple toilets. You can wait a couple more months to see if the house sells at gradually dropping prices, or you can spend all your savings to install another toilet. What do you do? Go to SNAFU if you choose to wait, or continue reading if you add a bathroom.

Are you serious? You aren’t spending your money on adding a second bathroom when you’ll have lost your nearly 3 years investment in the house already. Forget that. You’re buying a motorcycle instead. A sweet white-hot brand new 2010 Honda Shadow RS. Shoot, you guys are always practical with your money – you can afford to be totally impulsive now and then. Now continue to SNAFU.

One Response to “Preparing the House for Sale”

  1. Brittany July 4, 2011 at 6:14 pm #

    Nicole, this is TOO clever! 🙂

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