SNAFU – Situation Normal: All Fouled Up

3 Jul

You’ve chosen to wait a couple months to see if the house sells. Hopefully your persistence will pay off before foreclosure threatens your excellent credit. It is almost time for you to head home for a nice 2-week visit with all your family and friends, so you clear out of your barracks, load all your belongings except laptop & wallet & phone into your friend’s car, and spend your last few hours with another friend. In those few hours, the car (with all your stuff) is repossessed and the towing company will not work with you to return it. Of course it’s not enough to keep you from coming home, so you pray the situation will be remedied by the time your leave is done. It’s wonderful coming back to Tacoma, and along with having fun visiting everyone, you help Nicole with whatever sorting and packing is left before the movers come the day after you leave. The Wednesday before your departure, you awaken to the sound of the movers ringing your doorbell…5 days earlier than expected. You thank God you packed the suitcases already and have such an open schedule, because the next 3 days are spent with the moving company packing and moving all the things left in your house. Two days before leaving your wife again, you get to go stay at your mother-in-law’s house. That’s not quite what you two had planned for. But as long as the family gets their passports all right, then you know you will see them again soon. Do you doubt that they’ll easily get their passports & Italian visas, or do you think that maybe this time the Army will be efficient and reasonable? Go to Getting the Family Their Passports if you have any doubts, or continue reading if you have faith in the military’s sound business practices.

Once again you’ve chosen poorly. Nicole’s degree is in management. She worked for 5 years and dealt with many companies in her professional jobs. And she can certify that the Army has the most inefficient systems of any business that manages to stay in business. Now continue to Getting the Family Their Passports.

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