Chapter 1: Preparing the House for Sale

Chapter 2: SNAFU: Situation Normal – All Fouled Up

Chapter 3: Getting the Family Their Passports

Chapter 4: Flying to Venice with a Stop in Amsterdam

Chapter 5: The First Few Weeks

Chapter 6: First Adventure: Milan

Chapter 7: Second Adventure: Edelweiss

Chapter 8: Third Adventure: Asiago Cheese Festival

Chapter 9: Fourth Adventure: Anniversary in Venice

Chapter 10: Unadventures in Fall 2011

Chapter 11: Fifth Adventure: Trip to Olive Farm

Chapter 12: Sixth Adventure: Innsbruck, Austria

Chapter 13: Seventh Adventure: Assisi

Chapter 14: Eighth Adventure: Gardaland

Chapter 15: Ninth Adventure: Rome

Chapter 16: The Never-ending Adventure: Parents of 3

Chapter 17: 10th Adventure: Easter Visit from Grandmas

Chapter 18: 11th Adventure: Grotte di Oliero

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